Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, I get a message from my friend saying that she had one extra ticket to the mid-night showing of Eclipse and wondered if I wanted it. I hesitated and was going to tell her no because I had already made plans to go with my family in a week, but the greedy, selfish part of me took over and I gave in and bought the ticket from her. Besides, who wouldn't want to be there opening night with all of the crazy die-hards?? LOL So we get to the theater and after about 10 minutes of pushing our way through estrogen dominant women we make it to our seats. The previews start and everything is going just great! That is until the movie gets shut off. It was really funny to hear all of the women in the theater start yelling and freaking out. A few seconds after the manager comes walking in. He asks if everyone is excited to see Eclipse tonight. To no surprise the room erupts. Then He goes on to say that He has a special guest with him, and in walks the guy who plays Demetri. Yea, we all started screaming like we were 13 again! It was great! Then after the movie was over (It was AMAZING!! BY FAR the best) I stood in line and was able to get a personalized autograph and my picture with him. It was the best night of my life, and I am that much more excited to see it again with my family! Team Jacob because he's hot and Team Edward because he is the perfect man. LOL

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Baby is 2!!!!!

After the party I undressed taylor so he could get in the bath and turned my head for 1 minute and he as gone. I looked everywhere for him but eventually found him, naked, in my laundry basket of socks.
Grandpa Larry and Kaylee.

The frosting was too soft so my "trees" kept falling down. Doh!

Taylor is growing up sooo fast! I love that kids to pieces! He has THE BEST personality and will, one day, be the best husband and father! He is obsessed with Thomas the Train, so I bet you can guess what his birthday theme was. And I tried my very hardest to make him a cake, but it seriously struggled. It did taste really really good though. It was a chocolate cake with mint buttercream frosting. ;) Love you Tay man!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taylors Newly Renovated Room

So, Taylor is in a big big boy bed and I had to buy a quilt for it. I ended up buying one from pottery barn (that place is evil) and I plead the 5th on the price. However, it is the cuttest thing EVER. I kind of did his room around his quilt. And Nephi wants me to tell everyone that taylor will be taking this quilt with him to college. LOL! But for Taylors Birthday my sister-in-law star made THE CUTTEST fire truck on canvas painting. Might I mention that she did it all FREE HAND! She was just looking at a picture the size of normal paper and did it perfect to every little detail. She is amazing that is all I have to say about that. It looks so cute in his room and that is why I felt the need to share. ;) She needs to be recognized. ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cutest little Girls EVER!

These two are so cute! They are just inseperable! Yeah, they might have their "moments" with eachother, but overall they are BFF's! I just think Brinley is so lucky to have a cousin her age! I remember being really close with my cousin Jessica and those were some of my favorite memories made! ;) I hope they stay this close forever!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

More than just a drive thru man!!

So, today my mom came and got me to take me for a ride (I just had knee surgery) and get a fountain drink. Later on the drive we both decided that chick-fil-a sounded good, so we made our way over there. We pulled up behind the next car in line and were immediately greeted by the gentleman taking orders outside. He asked what we wanted and we told him, "an 8 piece nugget and a 12 piece nugget". He asked if we wanted sauce...we said "no". Then he called in the order via his headset and a few seconds later told us our total which was quickly followed by, "and your garments are showing". (like it was this big deal. The tone in his voice made it seem like an urgent matter. Kind of like "maam, your nipple is showing" type of urgency.) I glanced down and saw that (I was wearing loose soccer shorts because my knee was all wrapped up) a tiny part of lace was showing out from my white shorts. My mom and I just looked at each other and slowly inched forward in our car. We still can't figure out what possessed him to say that, and also that I was IN MY OWN CAR with a SWOLLEN KNEE and a little DOPED UP from LORTAB! LOL! I just thought it was a little strange that he felt it was his business to look into my car and tell me my garments were showing. LOL. Hum....some people. That, by far, has got to be one of the most odd experiences I have ever had. Glad I got to share it with my mom. ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cars, Trains and......Boobs??

The other day I made the mistake of buy a bag of balloons for my kids (and nephi) to play with. Taylor has this fetish with "boobs''. He doesn't understand them but he knows he likes them. So you can probably understand what happened when nephi came walking out of the kitchen with two balloons under his shirt. His jaw dropped and his eyes got big and he then started laughing hysterically. He ran up to nephi and started pointing. So nephi thought it would be clever if he blew two of them up in "taylors size" and put them under his shirt. Well, this is what we got.....

It is normal for kids to like balloons. They float and are bright in color and resemble a ball, but I think taylor likes them for the wrong reasons. LOL! But it was good bonding time for him and his daddy. Nothing like a little "balloon chest bumping" to get the testosterone flowing in them. I love my boys!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Latest Project

Nephi took this last week off and ended up working. LOL! But there is a story behind it. I keep telling nephi that I want to move somewhere warm and tropical. I swear I was born in the wrong climate. Him and I both know that right now it is not possible to move anywhere "warm", so that being said we decided to build our own Oasis in our back yard. After hours of the hard work and sweat we finally finished our "oasis" area. We planted a mini pine with flower shrubs and small flower bushes. Then we added some solar lights for that "touch". It is so nice to come and sit back here and relax and smell the bark and pine and lavender. The one final touch to our "oasis" isn't hear yet. We bought a hot tub but it is taking forever to get here. I am just so grateful to have a hubby that works so hard and is super talented. I truely am blessed.